Spring Fair prep …

Both me and my sister are doing a spring fair in March so my knitting projects have taken a backseat to my weaving. I have lots of new yarns dyed up to but I’ll be adding them after the fair! I have been weaving much more recently and have decided to upgrade to a sectional warp beam set up on my loom. More about that another day. I’ll be posting some photos of the stall set up as I have a nice wooden table top rail I can’t wait to use/see with my scarves on it.

Are you doing any craft fairs this year?


Keeping a note …

I’m sure everyone has their preferred method of keeping track of the length of the weave but thought I might share mine. I use embroidery floss bobbins to write the current length on and weave it in, but keep removing/changing the length as you proceed.

How do you keep track of the work length?

Arriving this week …

A few new colourways in my Etsy shop. I can’t get enough of these yarns, my own stash is growing rapidly. I finally received my DPNs in the post so I can continue with my sock knitting.

Also today I’ve been busy hand printing some new project tote bags, watch this space.

I wanted to share a snap of how the weaving is looking and how many colours appear in the yarn as the colours merge from one to the next constantly evolving ❤️ 🌈

Weekly Collage no.4

The last seven days have been a steady flow of dying and weaving. From top left clockwise; my eco-friendly packaging, hand dyed DK blank featuring the logo I designed this week, I warped up my little loom again to weave some of the hand dyed DK, last photo shows the handspun I listed too.

I’m excited to share some more of my logo designs I’ve been working on for stickers/packaging:

Have you had a productive or adventurous week? 🌈

Just Walking …

I’m so grateful that my day job allows me to occasionally get out and about. This time around it was around Rother Valley park. The sun hung low in the sky and everything seemed to move so slowly. Peaceful. The highlight of the morning was being followed by a swan cygnet, who was pretending to be so shy.