Trouser Town

we were very lucky this week to find ourselves passing through Hebden Bridge, also known as trouser town due to its history of mills and textile industry including specialising in corduroy. We stopped for a couple of hours to sample some of the street food in the market (lentil dhal with rice followed by a vegan lemon slice), we weren’t disappointed! And also to enjoy some Christmas charm of this small but thriving town. I was particularly interested in some of the locally hand made goods, Hebden Bridge is well known for its creative population and studios ranging from textiles to printmaking.There is a very special shop ran by two nice gentlemen who had a chat with us about hand woven rugs. The Afghan Rugshop is a space filled with colour and pattern. I carefully stepped around the rugs on the shop floor as I know exactly how much work goes into making a hand tufted rug.

I was amazed at the work, colour and finish in the rugs and the stories behind them, some quite sad events leading to the making of ‘jail rugs’, but true masters of their detailed craft. Yarns would be spun and dyed using natural dyes. A rug would be woven by a family or close group who take shifts over a period of months to complete one such rug. Once a rug is finished it is laid down upon the road and ran over by large vehicles to soften the look and feel of the weave.

Other shops in the area are predominantly independently owned, offering a large selection of artist prints, ceramics, books, homewares including a woven chair!

I personally fell in love with the above print by a Racheal Bell you can find her work here:

This town is wonderful, I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit.


Lincoln Christmas Market





I had heard about the Lincoln Christmas market a couple of years ago but have never made the journey. From our home it took a little over an hour, I was very excited. The market is one of the largest in the U.K. and is well organised with a park and ride offering plenty of Christmas bus rides into the town centre. I was overwhelmed by the amount of visitors, it was lovely to see such a thriving market. I always find myself quite keen on the street food stalls and as a vegetarian I was so glad to see a falafel/haloumi wrap stall amongst all the German Brockwurst sausage sellers, and it was so tasty! A little later we treated ourselves to a Belgium waffle with cherries & cream, it would have been rude not to. There were many stalls offering seasonal hot spiced wine which I didn’t try as I was driving but the smell of them around the market was divine. My favourite gift stall had to be the Star light Christmas Star stall, I bought one for our home and one as a gift for my sister, it took me a long time to decide which Star to bring home but fortunately it took only a few minutes to put up.

A Quiet Wander

I was very lucky to be outdoors on Tuesday, the clear sky and low early winter sun was a real treat in the Grenoside woods. I walked with my companions along the pony trail where there was still frost where the sun had not reached. A crisp ground still full of leaves, though they were losing there vigorous orange tones, it seemed like we could be miles from anywhere though the city was just over the hill. That is the beauty of living here in Sheffield, we are surrounded by green land, forests, parks and reservoirs.