Hand Dyed Yarns Available

I thought I’d make a quick post about some of the 4ply Sport weight yarn I have dyed recently. The colourway for the collection is ‘Winter Fire’ the colours in the collection are; Yellow flame, Orange Embers, Mulled Wine and Cinnamon hanks are 100g each. I’m currently enjoying some colour work and thought these solid hanks might appeal. For more info visit my Etsy …

When I got back I was all set to create on my knitting machine, I had been since before Christmas, but now the tree and decorations were away I had space enough to have another go at bobble hat making using my own hand dyed yarn (magenta).

I did start out trying to use my handspun but struggled, then I also struggled with this more uniform yarn too, I must have cast on 100s of stitches today 😢 but perseverance prevailed and I figured out I had the tension all wrong on my tension mast 🙄… so I kept on with the magenta hand dyed as I had already put my handspun hank (&swift) away, but I will be re-trying with it maybe in a couple of days. All I need to do now is manually rib the white band before taking it off the machine. I can honestly say it’s not really a big time saver when first learning but when I get used to it I hope to get myself a cardigan done on the machine. 🙏


Oh Brother …


My recent trip to West Yorkshire was a mission to collect a Brother KH230 knitting machine. This particular machine knits from dk up to a chunky weight yarn. Here I have a 8wpi dk Patchoulipeople hand dyed superwash merino yarn and I calculated I would need to cast on 60 sts, which seems like quite a lot when you look at the length of the bed but after doing a swatch test that’s how it worked out as the knitting shrinks together as you remove it from the bed. I decided I wanted a contrast colour band to manually rib (to match a pompom). There are a few different ways to make a hat on a knitting machine, YouTube is a great resource and try searching ‘charity machine knit hat’. I’m wanting to do a few charity hats myself but I want to work out the best method first. I like to cast on using the crochet method as it doesn’t ping back off if you loose tension. I also found that thelittle weights must be placed right at the ends, even a little over the last stitch, to prevent the last stitches from pinging off whilst knitting the first few rows. The cartridge was tougher to move than I had imagined as I was afraid of damaging the fragile little needles I took it quite slowly especially for the first few rows. As I spin some of my own yarns I’m hoping that I can use them on this machine with it being a chunky version. My first project for myself will be a new cardigan that I’ve been promising for about a year now but it will knit up faster now on the machine. For the hat I decided to finish it inside out. I just preferred the texture and overall appearance of it.