Frugal Friday …

I’m always looking for new ways to use yarn in my stash up especially the small leftovers of beautiful handspun or hand dyed loveliness. I personally knit, crochet and weave but have you ever considered wrapping yarn? Breathe new life into a lampshade by simply wrapping yarn around it (the further away from the bulb the better, acrylic yarn isn’t really recommended for this). Have a standard lamp or a chair that could be brightened by wrapping all those little leftovers around them? If you can’t bear to do anything other than knit or crochet with your yarn then consider a simple tube to go over your existing lightshade (consider colour blocking, or if you handspin yarn you can blend the colour in like in the 3rd photo). Whatever you choose have fun stash busting!! 🌈🦄

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Frugal Friday ….

I like to reuse packaging anyway I can so when I saw that upcycling Pringles potato chips canisters were a thing I immediately thought of knitting needles! I like the idea of covering the can with a decorative paper (or vintage knitting pictures?) Maybe there’s even a way to integrate a needle gauge on the top? But if you decide that you prefer to house your needles in an alternative receptacle the carrier bag or cookie options seems pretty good also.

Frugal Friday…

Welcome to my first frugal Friday post, it’s here because I believe in promoting a lifestyle that is both eco-friendly and cost effective. So I thought I’d introduce frugal Friday, I like upcycling and creative ideas when it comes to saving money which may include recipes, gardening, sewing or crafting. I whole heartedly welcome any other frugal Friday suggestions you might have today to be added in the comments too…

So today is a yarnie tip for all my fiberlicious sisters out there. To make a cheap and cheerful yarn bowl. There’s a few different versions but here are my two favourites for the weight of the bowl needs to be sufficient it does it’s job properly without jiggling around when you pull out more yarn;

Our little friend thinks he’s getting his paws on my yarn …

First up is the Mason style jar & bulldog clip yarn guide. I expect most people will have these items in their home already but if not you can use a big old jam jar, biscuit tin etc I also find that a centre pull ball or cake (mmmm cake, sorry induced ‘homer’ moment) of yarn works best.

Next is the cutest idea which is the tea pot. Though I must say the perfect pot would be a ceramic one with a spout. A heavy pot and always give them a trial run first.

I also like to dig around in thrift stores occasionally and I’d like to share my most recent finds. A rug (not the most modern design but to keep the chill off the bare floor) a beautiful vintage globe and a working 1980s mini Yamaha synth as in our house we also like to have fun with music. My partner Alex has a great SoundCloud account if your looking for new music: Wou-Wou & the Wormling. Check out his weekly playlists for top picks of indie tracks from the SoundCloud as well as his own musical magic! I’ve already played the synth and tried all the different buttons, really love this gem 🌈

Have you had any thrifty finds recently?