Weekly Collage no.3 …

So this past seven days have flown by again. Just today I made a little detour after work to say hi to a pack of Alpacas I had spotted earlier. I was so excited! The photo isn’t great but there was quite a few of them, they belong to a community group promoting self-sufficiency who are adjacent to a large number of vegetable allotments. I have cast on my first sock (for boxosoxkal) and I’m at the start of the heel tonight but I’m waiting on a set of DPNs to arrive through the post (so prob start on my 2nd fair isle mitten). I have listed my ‘Fantastic Mrs Fox’ yarn and DK ‘Rose Garden’ I have a few more (bottom right photo) to list but I might be tempted to try weaving some of those …

Have you cast on recently? 🌈🦄


2 thoughts on “Weekly Collage no.3 …

    • Liz says:

      Oh they look so cuddly and those long necks! Well i was a weaver/spinner/knitter before I started dying yarn. I’d like to dye yarn most days but I want to also give ideas on how it can be used. Thanks again ❤️


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