Weekly Creative Collage no.1

To try to keep on top of all things creative here at Patchouli People HQ I want to introduce a weekly photo collage (created using POTO app). I have listed my new Orbifolia hand dyed 4ply and Lace weight yarns in my Etsy shop. I’m really loving the look of my Latvian inspired mittens on my DPN needles using my own hand dyed 4ply yarns now I can see the main body pattern emerging. On the next row from left to right I handspun a length of hand dyed wool tops (Cheviot) it’s a beautiful pastel colour! I was busy Warping up my little Ashford Sample loom, which I can highly recommend for a handspun scarf project, it is quite affordable. The last photo is of a scarf I took off the floor loom that includes Alpaca, linen and various wools on a Rosepath tie up.

What creative endeavours have you got up to in 2017? 🦄


4 thoughts on “Weekly Creative Collage no.1

  1. knittingthestash says:

    You had me at “hand dyed yarn,” but I stayed for the mittens and the weaving. Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing the tie-up for the final photos. My husband has been learning to weave and I am following along as much as possible. I like the variation of this pattern.

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    • Liz says:

      Thank you so much, I enjoy it a lot. Yes look up Rosepath weaving on Pinterest there’s even some boards dedicated to it, if you google weaving-tool.appspot.com you will log in with your google account and find an empty weaving chart where you can randomly fill the tie-up and treadle patterns to create your very own unique weaving chart! I’ll be blogging about it soon. 👍


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