Hand Dyed Yarns Available

I thought I’d make a quick post about some of the 4ply Sport weight yarn I have dyed recently. The colourway for the collection is ‘Winter Fire’ the colours in the collection are; Yellow flame, Orange Embers, Mulled Wine and Cinnamon hanks are 100g each. I’m currently enjoying some colour work and thought these solid hanks might appeal. For more info visit my Etsy …

When I got back I was all set to create on my knitting machine, I had been since before Christmas, but now the tree and decorations were away I had space enough to have another go at bobble hat making using my own hand dyed yarn (magenta).

I did start out trying to use my handspun but struggled, then I also struggled with this more uniform yarn too, I must have cast on 100s of stitches today 😢 but perseverance prevailed and I figured out I had the tension all wrong on my tension mast 🙄… so I kept on with the magenta hand dyed as I had already put my handspun hank (&swift) away, but I will be re-trying with it maybe in a couple of days. All I need to do now is manually rib the white band before taking it off the machine. I can honestly say it’s not really a big time saver when first learning but when I get used to it I hope to get myself a cardigan done on the machine. 🙏


6 thoughts on “Hand Dyed Yarns Available

  1. knittingthestash says:

    Those colors are so rich–I think Winter Fire is a completely appropriate name! I have long been curious about knitting machines. They seem to allow for fairly complex patterns and I imagine that I would enjoy the speed, but I’m such a process knitter that I would want to do both–as I imagine you do 🙂 I could see the main garter or stockinette portions of a sweater just rolling off the machine, though! Love your art, as well. Such whimsy.


    • Liz says:

      The more complex patterns are on the punchcard machines, I just have a straight machine but it’s for DK to chunky yarns. I’m hoping to do my less interesting knitting on there but keep up the colourwork on the DPNs. The machine can be frustrating at times with little knitting enjoyment but yes it’s great for the stockinette.


    • Liz says:

      Thanks Kerry I’m going to have a play with some of them myself maybe some colour work or an easy knit. I do enjoy printmaking I might be tempted to pick up a paintbrush yet. Do you do any other arts/crafts?


      • KerryCan says:

        My main crafts right now are quilting, weaving, and embroidery, and I make chocolates. I have a long history, like so many people, of trying everything that’s come down the pike! Even had a go at spinning a long time ago . . .

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      • Liz says:

        Oh chocolate making that sounds great, I would have to eat at least 90% of them though. I think it’s great to try lots of different things, it also makes me appreciate other people’s work more too. I once nearly set fire to my room trying glass bead making. 😳


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