Handspun week …

I’ve been starting the year off with lots of spinning, I’m hoping to try using it on my chunky knitting machine. There’s a couple more hanks I haven’t got pictures yet to share but next time I sure will! Evenings are filled with hot tea and continuing with my colourwork mittens. Do you split your time between crafts/projects throughout the week or week to week? or focus on one until finished? I find it depends on my energy levels 🌈

I was so pleased with the colours on this thick & thin yarn I dyed so I knitted it up on some huge 25mm knitting needles I have. It feels quite awkward to knit with such large needles after spending some time with the 2-3mm. The advantage is that it is relatively quick to knit. I gifted this at Christmas to my partner but the weather has yet to drop enough to warrant him wearing it (though I have been wearing Woolies for weeks now).


5 thoughts on “Handspun week …

  1. KerryCan says:

    Your handspun is beautiful–those colors! Wow! I absolutely split my time on multiple crafts. In fact, I feel like a slacker on days when I don’t hit the big three–weaving, quilting, and embroidery!

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    • Liz says:

      Wow, well I might manage two I usually like to hand knit in the evening on the sofa (which is treacherous if watching something funny when trying to do colourwork) sometimes I wonder if I should try to dedicate myself to just one but I don’t think I can. At least we’ll have plenty of handmade textiles in the house! 😍


  2. jade says:

    Love your colours! I usually do my webdesign work in the day and work on one handicraft project in the evening. If I’m not working, I’d do quilting in the day and knitting in the evening. Always doing something ;).

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