Goodbye 2016 …

I’ve enjoyed 2016, there’s been so much to be thankful for. I’ve been delving deeper into the floor loom weaving world as well as spinning and dyeing my own yarns. Above you can see I’ve been using some tapestry bobbins for weaving (they also fit perfectly into my new electric bobbin winder). They are handmade from rosewood such a beautiful object. I personally love the look of tapestry weaving and have tried it myself but I’m finding myself always drawn back to my traditional weave.

Above is my latest Rosepath cloth that will be cut up and turned into little bags or pouches. Into it I have woven Alpaca, wool and linen. Today I’m hoping to cut it off the loom as well as starting to tie on a new warp for some finer spring/summer scarves.

Here is the current warp, I was very happy with the colour combinations.

I’m hoping to travel some more this year even if it’s just around the UK. So excited for what 2017 will bring us.

šŸŽ‰ Happy new year everyone šŸ¾


8 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016 …

  1. knittingthestash says:

    Your warp colors are amazing! Is the top photo a tapestry? a rug? I am very new to weaving–my husband took it up this past fall when we found a used loom. He has been rehabbing it, but I find myself fascinated by tapestry weaving. My guild recently watched Weaverly Path and it was so neat to see her process. Beautiful start to your New Year, I’d say!

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    • Liz says:

      Thank you, I’m still fairly new to weaving, I wanted to try making a rug which actually turned into 2 cushions and then I found myself wanting to do other things so I took it off the loom to restart something I’d prefer. I was trying to spin all the wool myself too. So now I’m currently using more commercial yarns for smaller, finer projects on the loom and I’m going to try my handspun on my chunky Brother knitting machine, whilst filling the gaps with colour work and dying some hanks up too. Phew … not enough time in the day!


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