Why choose hand dyed yarn?

Why choose to buy a hand dyed yarn? Well apart from supporting small independent start ups the colours available commercially can be quite bright and too uniform. I dont always find the colours available at the hobby store are easy on the eye, natural tones are not easy to find. However a hand dyed yarn usually takes on a very pleasant natural look, I knit and weave with it myself and find the small changes in shade throughout the hank of yarn creates a more natural looking colour that is less ‘machine made’ and if I’m spending some time on a fair isle style project I don’t want it to look machine made or overly saturated in colour. The slight variations in the colour can help to retain the home made, authentic look of the Fair Isle style knit or stranded knit as it is also known. I also like to mix my dyes so hopefully I can create a colour that isn’t available elsewhere. My latest batch of colours will be available soon after they’ve finished drying mainly 4ply for the stranded knitter and weaver.


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