Oh Brother …


My recent trip to West Yorkshire was a mission to collect a Brother KH230 knitting machine. This particular machine knits from dk up to a chunky weight yarn. Here I have a 8wpi dk Patchoulipeople hand dyed superwash merino yarn and I calculated I would need to cast on 60 sts, which seems like quite a lot when you look at the length of the bed but after doing a swatch test that’s how it worked out as the knitting shrinks together as you remove it from the bed. I decided I wanted a contrast colour band to manually rib (to match a pompom). There are a few different ways to make a hat on a knitting machine, YouTube is a great resource and try searching ‘charity machine knit hat’. I’m wanting to do a few charity hats myself but I want to work out the best method first. I like to cast on using the crochet method as it doesn’t ping back off if you loose tension. I also found that thelittle weights must be placed right at the ends, even a little over the last stitch, to prevent the last stitches from pinging off whilst knitting the first few rows. The cartridge was tougher to move than I had imagined as I was afraid of damaging the fragile little needles I took it quite slowly especially for the first few rows. As I spin some of my own yarns I’m hoping that I can use them on this machine with it being a chunky version. My first project for myself will be a new cardigan that I’ve been promising for about a year now but it will knit up faster now on the machine. For the hat I decided to finish it inside out. I just preferred the texture and overall appearance of it.


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