I have dabbled in the art of spinning and dying yarn for quite a while, I have knitted a couple of garments (cropped jumpers) of which I was quite proud. When the temperature starts dropping outside and the day-lit hours are shorter it’s an easy transition from working in the garden to covering myself in warm blankets on the sofa in the evening. Oh yes and of course I have my favourite knitting tin! I always fancied a yarn bowl, but never found one large enough. I discovered I quite like using a tall round tin, the yarn ball (2 even for stranded knits) behave very well and never stray from their new abode. I can pop the lid on when I’m done and it’s very neat.
I love traditional knitted Latvian mittens. I have a few books which I’ll share with you as I go along (I’m very excited to try some of the patterns) but recently I have been drawing on popular motifs from such mittens to design my own fingerless fair isle gloves using a DK yarn I dyed myself. After a few adjustments I have them looking pretty good.


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